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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Trees Are Worth More Than Humans...Right...

Students must choose between sustainability and collapse - Opinion


"At least three major ecological emergencies face our planet: global climate change, overpopulation and the unsustainable use of resources. All are interconnected and all can lead to societal collapse. The choices we make regarding these issues may determine whether our society will continue or fail."

-By saying "global climate change", you mean to weasel global warming in that definition. I'll tell you straight out, global warming does not exist. Well, 1997 Global Temperature Review: Sorry, No Global Warming, Are the Media Giving You the Whole Story on Global Warming?, Environmental Myth Report, Fact #2: The Most Reliable Temperature Data Show No Global Warming Trend, Global Hot Air, Global Lying, Global Warming and Hurricanes: Still No Connection, Global Warming Hot Air Courtesy of the U.N., Global Warming is More Scare than Science, Global Warming Speculation vs. Science: Just Ask the Experts, Global Warming vs. Prosperity, Global Warming Would Be Beneficial To Human Civilization, Global Warming, Melting Ice Caps and Rising Sea Levels, Global Warming: Fact and Myth, Hurricane Katrina and Global Warming, Hurricanes and Global Warming: Interview with Dr. James J. O'Brien, Hurricanes and Global Warming: Interview with Dr. Roy Spencer, Hurricanes and Global Warming: Interview with Meteorologist Dr. William Gray, Keeping Your Cool on Global Warming, Kyoto is Dead, Liars! Liars! Green Pants on Fire!, Mommy, There's A Monster Under My Bed! (A Review of Global Warming and Other Eco-Myths), More Than 15,000 Scientists Protest Kyoto Accord; Speak Out Against Global Warming Myth, New Year Begins with Old Green Lies, Open Water at the North Pole is Not a Result of Global Warming, Polar Ice Cap Studies Refute Catastrophic Global Warming Theories, Scientists do not believe human activities threaten to disrupt the Earth's climate, Scientists Warn That Actions Based On Unverified Climate Models Is Premature, State of Fear by Michael Crichton: Exposing the Global Warming Sham, State of Fear: Michael Crichton and the End of Radical Environmentalism, Ten Things Everyone Ought To Know About Global Warming, The Day After Tomorrow: The Ice Age Cometh?, The Global Warming Hoax, The Kyoto Global Warming Conference: Who Cares Who Wins, As Long As America Loses, The Kyoto Politics, Round 2, The Myth of Catastrophic Global Warming, The New Religion is Global Warming, The Politics of Hurricanes and Global Warming, The Scientist Trap, and finally,
Why the Green Church of Environmentalism Has No Tolerance for Skeptics seem to be saying (with proof I may add) the exact opposite of what you preach. Be sure to read through all of these, just to get a feel for the truth, it may come in handy for you to use one day. What is this "overpopulation" that you speak of? Is it so bad that babies aren't dying as much as they used to? Is it so bad that people are enjoying life longer? Is it so bad that people are leading longer, more productive lives? While I'm asking questions, what does the "unsustainable use of resources" mean? I haven't seen anything resembling what you're saying at all happen.

"Many media outlets, politicians and business leaders irresponsibly paint human-caused climate change as "under debate" by scientists. This gives a platform for naysayers to complain about the financial costs of taking action, while refusing to acknowledge the huge costs resulting from climate change. Soon after taking office in 2001, President George W. Bush "unsigned" the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty calling for a reduction in the pollutants which cause global warming. In doing so, Bush wrote that Kyoto "would cause serious harm to the U.S. economy." But the contrary seems to be true; after recent devastating hurricanes, which were strengthened by the unusually warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, we now know that there are substantial costs to not taking action to prevent global climate change."

-Apparently Bush is unable to do any good (at all) from your point of view; go ahead and check out the FACTS listed above and still , logically, try and keep your argumental foundation. Yeah, I've noticed too, there's nothing left to stand on.

"Despite a global population of 6.5 billion, overpopulation seems a taboo topic except in xenophobic circles. However, environmental alteration among overextended populations usually leads to resource depletion. This was a common phenomenon in many of the failed societies that Diamond studied, including some that were technologically advanced such as the Maya of Central America."

-"However, environmental alteration among overextended populations usually leads to resource depletion." Examples? Proof? The word usually?...Someone is stretching the truth...Again, dear reader, I encourage you to read the links above; they actually provide examples, proof, quotes from experts, and enforced natural evidence. I know from reading The Oracle, you are probably not used to such things, but get use to them because they're not going anywhere.

"If the wealthier nations of the world wish to avoid societal collapse, they must confront and solve the three grave, interrelated environmental crises of human-caused global climate change, overpopulation and unsustainable resource use."

-It sounds like another dooms-day revelation. Oh no. I'm so scared of something not proven to happen. "Societal collapse"; this is the exact type of terminology that is used to impede human progress and enhance the enviromentalist agenda; don't buy into it, it's all 100% fabricated crap.

The Conclusion:

-For all the things that mankind has done that's been good, it still boggles my mind of how people still try to predict these dooms-day theories. Did Rome fall because of the burning of fossil fuels? :)


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