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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Way To Kick It Off...

Few problems on first day - News

-Before I start to rant, please forgive me (and my writing) because I may come off as a little "rusty" from not writing all summer.

-Right before school started, I went out and purchased a parking pass for roughly $140. I thought that would be all that I would have to do. This is not so. Apparently, I payed $140 in hopes of parking. I drove around yesterday for a combined total of 75 minutes. I saw people parking on the grass, followed diligently by a meter-maid. I stopped and asked if I could park on the grass as well without getting a ticket; my question was answered with a condescending "nope". I payed all that money to park, not to wander around recklessly in hopes of findind a spot. The university took my money so easily, but failed to meet their end of the bargain. USF was/is primarily a commuter school, so one - with more than a brain stem - should have predicted such excessive amounts of traffic because each year more and more students pick USF as their university of choice. The most unethical segment of this whole ordeal is that the university knows it doesn't have adequate parking, and they still sell those passes everyday to dozens of students, knowing that a good 20% of those buyers will be getting ticketed for something that was out of their hands. I believe this all starts with the university and how it misuses the funds it recieves. You may yourself asking, "But Daniel, what do you know about how school funds should be distributed?", and I'd say "I'm no accountant. But I do know that when a school wastes money on "studies" such as this , there are more necessary places that funding should have went." Apparently if it falls under the "study" category it must be beneficial no matter what, regardless of what the "study" is about. Spare me.


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