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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Propaganda, Plain and Simple

Here's a couple pictures of Cuban propaganda that I've ran across.

The one above translates to "ideas are the essential weapon in the fight of humanity".

This one above means "victory of the ideas".

It's too bad that Castro's ideas are all seriously misdirected.

Castro sure is eloquent; check out this man's rhetoric:
"As a result of this economic order, over 75 percent of the world population lives in underdevelopment, and extreme poverty has already reached 1.2 billion people in the Third World. So, far from narrowing the gap is widening. The revenue of the richest nations that in 1960 was 37 times larger than that of the poorest is now 74 times larger. The situation has reached such extremes that the assets of the three wealthiest persons in the world amount to the GDP of the 48 poorest countries combined. The number of people actually starving was 826 million in the year 2001. There are at the moment 854 million illiterate adults while 325 million children do not attend school. There are 2 billion people who have no access to low cost medications and 2.4 billion lack the basic sanitation conditions. No less than 11 million children under the age of 5 perish every year from preventable causes while half a million go blind for lack of vitamin A."[Source:]

That is some seriously sly talking. Castro seems to know firsthand about the suffering of all kinds of different people. I can't but help to wonder how many of those poor people were under his own rule.


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