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Friday, April 28, 2006

Zeus, The Boogeyman & Price Gouging

Hurricane Charley reveals flaws of free market - Opinion


"According to state statute, "price gouging" occurs when, during a state of emergency, the price charged for a "necessary" good or service exhibits a "gross disparity" with the average price of that good or service before the state of emergency was declared. The state has posted a Web site to draw attention to the crime and its $1,000 fine, and Attorney General Charlie Crist has filed lawsuits against two hotels."

-Price gouging does not exist in private business (Here). Whenever you pay for something, you willingly shell out the money because you feel that you are getting a fair exchange with your money for their product. You said the term "gross disparity"; well what is "gross disparity"? An arbitrary law without clear guidelines? Somehow this "law" reminds me about the anti-trust "law"...hmm...

"Today, the market is doing little for middle- and working-class Americans. It encourages growing income inequality, sending of jobs overseas, media consolidation, dependence on Middle Eastern oil and escalating environmental damage. Many Americans today need a number of things the market will never provide: A living wage, quality public schools and day care, a stable and affordable health-care system and the hope for a comfortable retirement. Perhaps now is a time to think seriously about a movement to empower government to protect its citizens from some of the excesses of the market..."

-From what I can tell, what you are complaining about comes from governmental interference that has already happened, and you are asking for more interference because you think it can solve the problem. This is not how it works. If true Laissez-Faire capitalism was established in America, none of the core issues that you named would truly matter. This "living wage" you speak of...what is it? "Quality public schools and day care", those institutions should be privatized, and finally a "stable and affordable health-care system and the hope for a comfortable retirement", because it's clearly the government's job to provide all of these. Psyche. The fact still remains that the individual is in charge of all of these issues; you choose how much you become educated, and on the same token, you choose what kind of retirement is ahead of you. Period. "Dependence on Middle Eastern oil and escalating environmental damage." An oil refinery has not been built in on American soil since the Carter administration -- over 30 years ago. A refinery has not been built because of environmental radicals and their reckless agenda that makes it next to impossible for human growth because of deceitful restrictions that organizations such as Earth Justice, Greenpeace, PETA, among numerous others, promote. Which is why prices went up immediately after the hurricane that rocked New Orleans; it destroyed one of America's only refineries. Demand is at an all time high, but we can't produce what we need because of foolish regulations. It is no wonder why we are so "dependent" on the Middle-East; we can't retrieve oil from our own country because, according to people like Sean Kinane, we create too much "environmental damage" and should save the wilderness by restricting the construction of more oil refineries.


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