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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keeping Ideas Alive

-With all of the fines, taxes, and governmental regulation going to today it is almost necessary to wonder if the entrepreneurial mindset will continue to exist. I've been pondering this question for quite sometime, and today my doubts have subsided because of this. "The Million-Dollar Homepage" was created by Alex Tew, a 21 year-old entrepreneur who needed money to finish his degree. So he sold advertising space on a microscopic scale. A lot of it. At $1 a pixel, and a minimum purchase of 100 pixels, one may think that the different websites may be too small to see, etc. This is not only proven wrong by the fact that he made over $1,000,000 because of his idea for the website, but by the testimonials given by the companies that chose to advertise under this new, unorthodox method:

"Our hits have quadrupled, and our sales have gone through the roof. We only bought pixel space for a bit of fun, but now it's as though we're a part of Internet history. Where were you when the million dollar homepage launched? We'd like to congratulate Alex and his team and say thank you for helping our business grow"

-Will Marston, Managing Director, Lollipop Animation, UK

"We first came across Million Dollar when Alex had just 7 people advertising on his site (7th September). We could see that the idea was going to capture the imagination and explode, so we went for it and bought 300 pixels in what was (at the time) prime location at the top left of the page. We were all alone up there. Overnight we saw an 1800% increase of hits to our site and a total of 1200% for the month of September. We were simply happy to support a student that has that kind of imagination to come up with a brilliant idea - we are even happier with the results we received from our $300 investment. To this day The Million Dollar Homepage still remains our largest referrer helping with a 500% increase in hits for October, so it’s still working."

-Greg, The Date Exchange

-I'm glad to see that finally someone is putting their ideas to good use; hopefully ideas such as The Million-Dollar Homepage will start popping out of the brains of innovators everywhere.


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