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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ann Coulter Is An Idiot

Controversial conservative pundit elicits praise and protest Thursday. - News


-Having such circus acts as Cornel West, John Zerzan, and soon to be Aaron McGruder coming to campus I was a little excited, in the beginning anyway, to hear Ann Coulter as a sort of balance from all of the past liberal silliness. I was extremely disappointed with her case against liberals. She went on to criticize all of the issues that truly matter in the deterioration of America's fabric: abortion and gay marriage. She didn't talk about welfare, affirmative action, or any other govermental policy that truly matters. I am almost ashamed to say that I was on the side of the liberals who chose to attend, the only difference was that I chose to wear shoes (I'm being dead serious). The most offensive part had to be when Ann Coulter went on to call the Constitution a "religious document". How dare her! She continued to say that sodomy should be illegal without giving any justification. She also said that the government should enforce the ban of sodomy with a very weak argument that resembles* this:

"Yeah, the government shouldn't be able look in your house for what you do in your free time. Just like they shouldn't care when you're sawing off the end of shotguns and creating meth labs."

-That was her was beyond pathetic.

-Coulter also went on to say that the reason South Korea is doing so well now is because of the Christian missionaries that went there after World War II. I'm going to forget about how horrible the Dark Ages were for a second and look at the numbers: a whopping 31.67% of the population are Christian, while 35.02% are NON-Religious. We've all been through elementary school, so is 35.02% (The non-religious) > 31.67% (The Christians)? Of course it is. South Korea's success can only be attributed to the freedom it has; Ann Coulter should be ashamed of herself for trying to give the credit of South Korea's prosperity to Christianity rather than freedom. Once again, take a look at the Dark Ages; everyone was religious, everyone suffered. On a side note, I did notice that there was a lot of hubbub about this speech being made before she actually came to campus. It's completely different when Cornel and Zerzan come though.

-At the end of the night I was just as startled to find myself agreeing with the liberals on these topics as anyone else.

*That is not a direct quote from Ann Coulter, but a variation of what she said. I didn't write down the exact analogy, so it is impossible for me to quote her verbatim, even though those are the examples she used and the point remains unchanged.


  • Ann Coulter is a worthless human being. She actually advocates DIRECT DEMOCRACY although being a supposed proponent of individiual rights. Does she know what direct democracy implies - it means that other people have the right to make decisions for others merely because they comprise a majority of people voting in favor to do so.

    Funny, if it's direct democracy in the case of abortion, Ann Coulter is in favor of it. But if it were direct democracy in the context of a nother social issue like the legalizaiton of drugs, she probably wouldn't be okay with it.

    I'm going to talk to my
    editor-in-chief, and if he says it's okay, I'm going to put the e-mail interview on my blog. It's uncensored, un-polished Ann and it shows that she's unable to proffer anything but cheap one-liners.

    By Anonymous Victoria, at 3:12 PM  

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