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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The BBC Is A Joke

-Let's take a look at what Martin Bell of the BBC has to say about news-reporting:
"Let me dispose of the objectivity myth right now," said the BBC's Bell. "There cannot be such a thing - all journalists are human beings, what you report comes through the filter of your senses and your memory and your experiences."[Source:]

-This translates simply into newsworthy events being dictated not by an objective reality, but rather by how someone feels about it. Objectivity cannot exist, according to Bell, because each person feels different about a specific occurence which in turn influences them in different, subjective ways. He makes this clear when he says "...what you report comes through the filter of your senses and your memory and your experiences." Reality is not objective; rather it is controlled by the way each individual feels about it. If one were to accept Bell's belief, it is also to be said that every journalist is bound by some cosmic force that is out of their ability to control; the mystic assertion that the journalists' do not have the ability to stop, halt or pause the "filter" of their senses to determine the objectivity of a certain event.

-The bottom-line: Events either happened or they didn't. There is no middle-man. It is the media's job to report what literally happened. The truth will find its way to the surface.

-The BBC is trying to make excuses for being slanted, since no one - according to Martin Bell - can be objective.

-It is safe to say that Martin Bell thinks that "There can be no such thing as objectivity"; wouldn't you agree? The statement itself seems pretty objective.