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Friday, August 24, 2007

Fallacious Nonsense

I was in the library yesterday and stumbled across a webpage dedicated to nothing but criticisms on Objectivism. While I'm not an expert on Objectivist thought, I did notice that most of the essays - which are written by people with some serious academic 'umph' - are pretty easy to crack, even for me. One of the links that really caught my eye was this one. Observe:
"True self-reliance has been misconstrued by Ayn Rand and like-minded people. What they are truly advocating is self-indulgence! The true Randian thought is "I've got mine, I'm going to keep it, and to hell with everyone else!" One of the more frightening examples of Ms. Rand and her follower's self indulgence was when Ayn Rand's casket was draped in dollar bills at her 1982 funeral!
Ayn Rand and people of like minded principles, have referred to people in need as "parasites" and "non-producers." Can there be any doubt that this line of thinking flies in the face of true Christianity?"
"Let us take the displeasure of the Objectivist a step further. If they are true to their principles, no one should help them if they are in dire need. If an Objectivist has a car accident and their car is on fire and they are trapped, no one should give up their time long enough to pull them out! If one of their children are drowning in a swimming pool, a person has no moral obligation to jump in and save them. The thousands of rescue workers who volunteered night and day following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, were wrongly giving up their time! Those New York City fire fighters who worked even when off the clock must be fools in the eyes of the Randian's."

It's more than obvious that this person didn't read one page of Ayn Rand's work. The author did get something right; towards the very end of the article the author said "You can either be a follower of Ayn Rand or you can follow Jesus Christ. You cannot serve God and man." The choice is easy.


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