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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'll Take 5:1 On Uncle Sam!

-Yet another governmental restriction. Via Cox and Forkum, I have learned about this new "law". Dr. Yaron Brook of ARI wrote an article on it as well. I must say that I feel out of the loop. Regardless, it disgusts me. Anyone who has ever taken an economics course knows that not only controls breed more controls, but that governmental restrictions open up outside markets (i.e. ticket scalping). Outside markets in this case result in average citizens being considered criminals because they are doing what they want with their own money and not infringing on anyone's individual rights. It also appears as if internet gambling is not going to stop either:

"It has put a terrible scare into people," said I. Nelson Rose, who teaches gambling law at Whittier Law School. "But it won't by any means wipe out Internet gambling."

-Which confirms my statement above; more (unnecessary) laws make more (unnecessary) criminals. The government's stranglehold on individual freedom gets stronger with every day that passes.

Dr. Yaron Brook goes on the state that:

"Why do supporters of the law deny individuals the freedom to spend their hard-earned money on gambling? Because, they say, people will bet and lose more than they can afford. In other words, individuals are inherently incapable of making rational decisions, and thus it is the government's job to protect us from ourselves. This vicious, paternalistic idea has no place in a free society."

-They may say that's the case. I seriously doubt it. What's going on behind the curtain of the "common good" is the government's inability to tax and have it's nose in all of those offshore accounts. Usually, as a rule of thumb, I always ask myself if the idea of either obtaining or not being able to obtain taxes could be the reason behind some governmental restriction or intervention; I haven't met a case where it couldn't be logically considered. If the government is unable to gain control over everything and anything it passes some law in order to "justify" its case. Look at my quote of the week; just because the government passes a certain law doesn't mean that specific law is moral. It's merely illegal. In a decision between the illegal and the immoral I'll gladly accept the label of criminal. Every American that loves freedom should be getting sick of this type of malarkey by now. Unless, of course, you look like this and if do, we all know that you don't love freedom at all.


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