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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Study Methods & Motivation

I've recently learned, through a friend, of Dr. Edwin Locke's Study Methods & Motivation which - sadly - is currently out of stock at the Ayn Rand bookstore.

I can see why.

I'm only four chapters deep into the book and I've already detected errors in my own studying habits, particularly my reading methods. As a sampler into the book, I'll state how Dr. Locke breaks reading down into four categories:
  1. Perceptual Reading
  2. Concrete-Bound Reading
  3. Abstract Reading
  4. Abstract Integrative Reading
Dr. Locke also stresses the point that perceptual "reading" is not truly reading, but merely looking at the letters/symbols on the page. Concrete-bound reading is merely the memorization of absolute facts. The highest form of reading is abstract integrative, which...
involves relating concepts of ideas to other concepts or ideas, e.g., other ideas reported in the same chapter, in other chapters of the same book, in other books, ideas presented in lectures, knowledge which the student has gained from personal experience, from his own reasoning, etc. Integrative reading presupposes that one has done abstract reading (or at least has grasped the individual concepts involved by some means), since one cannot integrate concepts which one does not understand.

Dr. Locke also has chapters dealing with test anxiety, and how to cope if one were to - unfortunately - fail an exam.

The reason this book is taking so long for me to get through is because I want to study the methods within it, which is why I've begun writing down the book, objective fact by objective fact, and chapter by chapter, so I can truly absorb the material.

Even from my current minimal gain, I can still vouch for the quality of this book (no need to buy it from me Mr. Smith!) It is a must have for students as well as anyone else interested in objectively obtaining, along with retaining, information.


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