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Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Years

Today is the seventh anniversary of September 11th. For some crazy reason the people that brought the World Trade Center(s) down still exist. The reason why they ares still around eludes me seven years later. Here's a collection of other rational posts about this most sacred of days:

-At NoodleFood, Paul Hsieh asks "Do Americans Want Victory?" I'd say the majority of Americans claim they do, but in reality are not willing to take the measures to insure the protection of our country.

-John David Lewis' essay "No Substitute for Victory" is still relevant today - especially concerning September 11th - so I posted it again. In addition, it is one of my favorite Objectivist essays.

-At Born to Identify, Adam Reed has an insightful post about 9/11 and the following religious outrage that followed on September 14th. To quote:
It sets my teeth on edge whenever some timid weasel speaks of the Al Queda attacks of September 11, 2001 as a "tragedy." It was not a tragedy - which would mean something that was not the perpetrators' design. It was a massacre, a crime, an outrage. It was followed by a second outrage on September 13, when Christianist sociopaths Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson broadcast their endorsement of the perpetrators' "reasons" for the massacre. The real tragedy came on September 14, when President George W. Bush sponsored a "National Day of Prayer and Remembrance" at the Episcopal National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

It was one of the most offensive rants I have ever heard.

-Myrhaf's "Twilight of the West" is also a very good post about September 11th. He said:
My reasoning went like this: In World War II we faced a totalitarian ideology that wanted to destroy the west. We went toe to toe with fascism and destroyed it instead. In the Cold War we faced another totalitarian ideology that wanted to destroy the west: communism. Although we were undermined by pragmatism on the right and anti-Americanism on the left, we managed to win in the long run because of the weakness of communism.

Now we face yet another totalitarian ideology that wants to destroy the west, Islam -- or Islamofascism, militant Islam, Islamicism, whatever (the fact that we still have not settled on a name for the enemy is symbolic of the mess we are in). Unlike fascism and communism, which are based on the idiotic economic fantasies of Karl Marx, Islam is more dangerous because it is based on religious fantasies that cannot be easily disproved in this world -- at least, not to those who place faith above reason. Our enemies are willing to blow themselves up to get to heaven.

It is important to remember that Islam did not attack us because of our interests in the Middle East. Islam, by its nature, is a infectious evil that is bent on eradicating freedom and liberty to satisfy some fictitious deity, so says the pervert anyways. That is their basis for attack, not our ties with Israel.


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