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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snap Shot

-Check it:

-Because I see SO much liberal crap everyday on campus I am honestly thinking of opening another blog, much like Zombietime, and posting pictures (like the one above that I took today) on it along with some witty commentary. The next time I return home I'm going to retrieve my camera and start.

-Keep in mind that even though this picture isn't on the same level as someone hanging a poster of Mao on the wall, I see about 15-20 mildly "revolutionary" themes like this on a daily basis. Sometimes it gets pretty interesting. For example, there was a guy in my class yesterday who had this shirt on:

-Expose what about Exxon, their success?


  • The listless, just-painted cinerblocks scream the Stalinist Gothic architecture of the SOC building? Was that taken in Soc or cooper?


    last time I posted fliers for a club meeting and posted some in SOC, some highly intellectual character wrote something like "greedy bitch" on it.

    Charming, those liberals are.

    By Anonymous Victoria, at 1:35 PM  

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