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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sifting Around The Web

Yes, I've decided as well to do the little mini-summaries on my blog. I'll be honest; I'm kind of enjoying this more than I expected.


-Over at Gus Van Horn I find myself agreeing with him yet again on how the left cannot win this election. It seems like there is currently a very serious dichotomy between objectivists concerning who to vote for. Diana Hsieh says in her arcticle that:

"Nonetheless, I will vote for Democrats as long as necessary, even for Hillary Clinton in 2008."

-The death tax scare of 2004 should have been enough of an indicator on how the Democrats need to be weakened if not fully eradicated. If I can recall correctly, Rudolph Giuliani is a Republican, but for abortion; he sure sounds like a winner to me. It's going to take a lot more than a decree from the great Leonard Peikoff to make me vote the way he wants me to. As much as I respect his opinions and his ideas, I completely disagree with him on this issue. I hope that Mrs. Hsieh and Mr. Peikoff realize that I'm sticking with Republicans for more reasons than one.


-Isaac Schrödinger has some fresh, new material over at his blog. One post of his that particularly caught my eye was this one.


-Congratulations to Victoria on her recently published article on Capitalism Magazine; if I remember correctly, the other night at dinner she said something about wanting to be a journalist(?). Unfortunately, I'm still trying to works the kinks out of mine; it will get there one day though!


-I ran across the Moonbattery blog yesterday, and I found it very entertaining; I love how they use photoshop:

-Don't you love it?

-Cox and Forkum have a new book available for purchase. Buy it before November 6th and get an autographed copy. I know I am!


-Dawson Bethrick is so devastating.


-My good friend David at When Facing Darkness I Made Fire also makes some very valid points about Peikoff's latest command of objectivists.
"Objectivism and reason demand that you come to me as a trader and an equal with convincing arguments, not as some kind of dictator saying that anyone who doesn't follow your directive isn't an objectivist."

-It's getting hot in here! David also pointed out a fact about my previous post on black supremacists: is it a coincidence that they were all relgious? More so, was it a coincidence that the most violent and agressive activist - Khalid Muhammad - was islamic? We think not. I can say that I am somewhat relieved knowing that Khalid Muhammad doesn't exist anymore; hopefully his influence will be forgotten faster than he was.

(1)Found a typo. 10-31-2006
(2)Spelled out and linked up the phrase"capmag". 11-8-2006


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    By Blogger Kaimor, at 11:56 AM  

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the compliment. Take your time with the article- the foibles of global warming will never prove stale.

    More on racism:

    At USF, there's a club called 100 Black Men. I know that the guidelines for clubs receiving A and S services require that they allow all USF students to participate.

    Sure, I could probably join, but the very name signifies its racially exclusive intent.

    By Blogger VictoriadePlume, at 7:50 PM  

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