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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Only In America

-I found this story initially shocking, but then I remembered that we're in a country run by idiots; I don't know if that made me feel better or worse. Sometimes I hate our representation.
"Mayfield and his family later sued the U.S. government for damages. The Portland-area attorney contended that he was a victim of profiling because he is a Muslim convert.

The Justice Department denied the profiling allegation in a prepared statement on Wednesday.

The settlement includes not only a $2 million payment, but an apology, said Mayfield's attorney, Elden Rosenthal."[source:]

-America was sued for protecting itself from terrorism; its only purpose. For the United States doing its job - examining a suspected terrorist - tax money was put into the pocket of a Brandon Mayfield. Being Muslim is not enough to find someone guilty of murder; however, the fact that every single Middle-Eastern terrorist is Muslim cannot be ignored. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists happen - maybe by some kind of freak, cosmic accident - to be Muslim. I, on the other hand, doubt that this is just a coincidence. People need to start identifying the source of terrorists' action and they can start with the "holy" koran:

-I want that shirt because that's exactly how I feel about the religion of hate. The book belongs in the toilet.

-Aside from America getting sued for a hefty chunk of change, an apology from the Justice Department was offered!
"The United States of America apologizes to Mr. Brandon Mayfield and his family for the suffering caused by the FBI's misidentification of Mr. Mayfield's fingerprint and the resulting investigation of Mr. Mayfield, including his arrest as a material witness in connection with the 2004 Madrid train bombings and the execution of search warrants and other court orders in the Mayfield family home and in Mr. Mayfield's law office."[source:]

-This is the one of the biggest problems with the United States today. A moral nation would pursue evil and eradicate it with no apology. This passive attitude will not destroy terrorism; it will only permit islam and extremism to burrow their malicious, destructive roots deeper into the once solid foundation America was founded upon: individual rights.

-The message:

Eradicate terrorism now - with no apology. America's future depends on it; there can be no compromise.


  • What's your name man? I also go to USF.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:31 AM  

  • Daniel Rigby.

    By Blogger Daniel Rigby, at 1:43 AM  

  • Daniel, yes you are right in many aspects of this debate. People who are Arabic get stopped all the time on the planes. I mean should our country adopt a policy in which we search every Mexican or black skinned person for fear of terrorist activities? Seriously, Dan you sound like a f-in rightist republican. I come from the republican camp as well, but your argument here is bullshit. I do agree with you that every person that felt violated should not achieve compensation. However, civil liberties should not be spared because some is of the "Islamic" race. To let you know which I am sure you already do know that most of the Islamic race is black. Therefore, you argument should not be so generalized. Your argument here lacks substance in your derogatory abuse of different races.

    By Anonymous Robbie Yauger, at 1:52 AM  

  • All terrorists (in today's meaning of the word anyways) are islamic, which is why it's logical to focus on that specific group. If you expect the government to act like terrorists don't have certain traits and characteristics and that America should even consider someone outside of the demographic purposely, you are asking America to commit suicide. The government should not be paying someone two million dollars of the citizens tax money for investigating possible terrorist activity. "Civil liberties" cant' exist without the government (i.e. national security) protecting them in the first place.

    Tell Hillary I said hi.

    By Blogger Daniel Rigby, at 2:09 AM  

  • Are you kidding me Dan? This is a independent thought of mine. If you dare to compare my analogy/ analysis to that dike Hilary Clinton you are far from the truth! My argument is of civil liberties that are inalienable to a citizen one they are accepted as citizen. A citizen should not be subject to racial tension or skepticism! It is ignorant to say that only dark skinned people are capable of causing destruction on US soil!

    By Anonymous Robbie Yauger, at 2:28 AM  

  • Would profiling be such a debate if the Islamic lobby weren't so vocal?

    Consider a hypothetical situation:

    If the United States suddenly incurred many terrorist attacks by professed Irish separatists(IRA types, I guess), and every single terrorist associated with this group happened to be of Irish descent, thus having characteristically Irish features and an Irish last name, there wouldn't be a second thought that people meeting this said critereon should incur extra screening at airports.

    This isn't because anyone honestly thinks that Irish people are inherently violent or anything like that, but rather, because of a function of statistics - if your aim is to catch potential terrorists and said terrorists may share common characteristics, why not politley scrutinize people with these characteristics for safety's sake?

    And no, Robbie, not every Muslim looks Middle Eastern. That's why profilers should take into account people's appellations, as well.

    By Anonymous Victoria, at 2:52 AM  

  • "My argument is of civil liberties that are inalienable to a citizen one they are accepted as citizen."

    -You act as if an American citizen cannot do harm to the United States. You speak as if once you become a citizen you are suddenly exempt from inquiry and investigation because of your domestic status. It seems like, from your point of view anyways, that citizens of the US are suddenly unable to commit crimes relating to terrorism because they are citizens. And that the government has no right be able to look into the issue closer. If the government doesn't protect "civil liberties" how do you expect them to flourish and even exist?

    "It is ignorant to say that only dark skinned people are capable of causing destruction on US soil!"

    Im not saying that only dark skinned people are capable of causing destruction; Im saying that they are the only ones that have caused destruction and that it is foolish to dismiss this magical "coincidence" because it may offend some people. These are facts and they need to be exploited as much as possible in order to defend this nation. Robbie, whether you want to believe it or not, terrorists have certain traits (islam) and characteristics (skin color, etc.) In order to preserve freedom and liberty, the United States has every right to to whatever it takes to make sure the threat of terrorism is no more. This includes looking into - **shocked** - as many citizens as necessary.

    By Blogger Daniel Rigby, at 2:25 PM  

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