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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Only Thing That's Getting Hotter Around Here Is Kofi Annan's Head

-According to CNN, Kofi Annan said that:
"...the U.N. conference on climate change Wednesday that those who would deny global warming or delay taking action against it are "out of step" and "out of time."

-He needs to take a look back at the 15,000 scientists that signed a petition in 1997 against the signing of the Kyoto treaty because "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate."[source:]

-Annan goes on:
"Let no one say we cannot afford to act," Annan declared. The United States, for one, contends that reducing global-warming gases would be too costly to its economy.

The U.N. chief lamented "a frightening lack of leadership" in fashioning next steps in mandatory reductions of global emissions. "I would want leaders around the world to really show courage and to know that if they do, their people and the voters will be with them," he told reporters after his speech."

-Of course The United Nations can "afford to act", it's funded mostly by America, the most prosperous nation to ever exist.

-"...the voters will be with them," he told reporters after his speech." The voters do not determine what is right and wrong. Remember that the "people" voted themselves into nazism. This is why most (if not all) politicians are incompetent; they are willing to please the majority to get into office. They think only along pragmatic lines; whatever gets them into office will is good enough for them.

-The case for global warming is completely unfounded. It is just a way to punish productivity - specifically American productivity. Don't believe the hype; look into the issue yourself.


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