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Friday, November 10, 2006

And 'The Biggest Hypocrite To Ever Exist' Award Goes To...

...Ted Haggard.

-It now appears that Ted Haggard is on his way to an intense "Spiritual Restoration" process for his "sexual immorality". Earlier this month, Ted Haggard, the president of the National Association of Evangelicals, made headlines all across America for his involvement " a scandal involving drugs and allegations of gay sex..."[source:]. According to CNN, the 4-step plan of "Spiritual Restoration" calls for Haggard to "be humbled".

-I found this gem on Youtube:

-I think the whole world knows what you did last night, Ted.

-How dare he condemn homosexuals during the day while participating in their actions by night. God, he's such a deceitful bigot! When Ted Haggard acknowledges that he is nothing more than a miserable hypocrite - only then - will he be able to start making face for himself again (within his religious circles anyway; not with this guy ::points to myself::). Praying for forgiveness in order to cleanse the soul, etc. will not get anyone anywhere. Ever. But then again people like Ted Haggard do not focus on reality and the requirements of living within it.


  • It's...too...ironic...

    You would think that case after case of evangelical missteps would cause people to reconsider the workability and applicability of the evangelical mindset to human life.

    But, instead of recogizing that the rigity purported by the evangelical mentality fosters hypocracy and dishonesty, Haggard's "fall" is touted as a failure to uphold the evangelical dictates - it's not the dictates that are the problem, but instead that he strayed from the flock...

    By Anonymous Victoria, at 11:32 AM  

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