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Friday, November 03, 2006

Sifting Around The Web 2

-It appears that Wesley Snipes is following the same actions as Richard Hatch. I'm glad someone is.


-I'm very glad that the USF Objectivist Club holds those dinner meetings every once a while; it's good for me to play catch up because I cannot make the weekly meetings.


-I'm glad to see that Mike's Eyes has added me to his links. On the same note, his latest post caught my eye. Get it? I know, I know...I should definately quit college and become a comedian.


-Via LFG, I have learned of a very wholesome response to John Kerry's recent "botched joke". Having joined the Army out of highschool I can - with absolute truthfulness - say that there are very intelligent people within the military and I would go on to recommend that career path with in it to anyone. The only time I will not support our troops is if they try to make my guns away through martial law. Other than that I will be supporting them fully and you can put your bottom dollar on it.


-Over at NoodleFood Diana Hsieh has posted an op-ed by Lin Zinser on minimum wage laws. Needless to say it is very good. (The original publication can be found here.)


-Moonbattery always seems to pull through:

-Richard Reid: "I'll take a piƱa colada; oh, and infidel, don't forget to hold the rum, if you don't it's your head. Thanks." If you look closely on their uniforms it says "Club Gitmo". How suiting.


-I've read through Peter Schwartz's "Libertarianism: The Perversion Of Liberty" before but I never gave it a well deserved read through. I finally got my paws on a copy and I'm very impressed with the case he is making. There have been attempts to refute is position, but Schwartz obviously prevails. When people try to prove Peter Schwartz wrong using David Kelley as a reference point for anything regarding objectivism, you know something has to be a miss..


-I noticed that on D'Anconia Online Felipe Sediles has a new post labeled "Domestic Security Secures our Demise". My favorite part:

"In order to end the threat of future attacks and to delimit the life and scope of new police-state powers, we must therefore demand a war declaration, not further open-ended law-enforcement measures. Rather than worrying about how and when we place individual terrorists on trial, Congress must place regimes who support terrorists "on trial," declare them to be enemies of the United States, and demand their unconditional surrender as the objective of war. At this point the proceedings would be a mere formality: we are already in a de facto state of war with multiple regimes, so Congress has the duty to make it a speedy trial."

-There it is, plain and simple.

-Through EGO, I was made aware of this video:

-My favorite statement by the reporter is: "The evangelicals are denying scientific evidence just to support Bronze Age myths."

-The pastor, Ted Haggard, goes on in the video to say that:
"You do understand that this issue right here of intellectual arrogance is the reason why people like you have a difficult problem with people of faith."

-The real reason has nothing to do with arrogance. The real reason has everything to do with people denying truth, logic and reason and then substituting those essential concepts - that every human must live by - with faith and other irrational beliefs. Anton Thorn and Dawson Bethrick would both have a field day if they were in the shoes of University of Oxford professor Richard Dawkins. Which reminds me that he had a new book come out a week or too ago. I plan on buying it in the near future.

-Ted Haggard: "Get off of my land immediately." Who's acting arrogant now?

-BB&T is such an amazing company. Inside the bank they have pictures of building blocks with the words "reason", "logic", "individualism", etc. all over their walls. Originally wanted to get my student loan(s) through them, but unfortunately they are not involved with those kinds of programs anymore. Either way, their stock just rose considerably in my book. I learned, through Randex, that BB&T "...made a $1 million gift to the Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro." That's not even the best part.

"The gift will go to establishing the BB&T Program in Capitalism, Markets and Morality. The program will offer undergraduate and graduate students from disciplines across UNCG the opportunity to examine the ethical and philosophical basis for free-market economies.

The university is also creating the BB&T Distinguished Lecture Series in Capitalism, which will focus on ethical and core values in business. The BB&T Ayn Rand Reading Room will be established in the Jackson Library and will include Rand's fiction and nonfiction and works by other authors who support economic freedom." [source:]

-It's about time something is done to promote objective morality and capitalism on campuses across the United States. That reading room sounds awesome. BB&T is the shit.

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  • First, I have to say that your blog rocks. University Suckers has excellent commentary and links.

    John Kerry's remarks represent a trend that's fermented both by the Democrats and by academia: many in the American political and educational sytem openly look down upon our troops.

    The historic reasoning behind this attitude stems from the demographic of university professors. Most of the crusty, salt-dog, tenured professors of today decided to go into academia in the late 60's and early 70's because participating in Vietnam was anethema to them. A PhD meant gettnig out of service. Hence, people with vehemently anti-military, oft socialistic views(the whole the war takes resources away from the poor yarn) continue to pervade universities today.

    As far was why Democrats are anti-military...

    I think they're just chameleon-like in the sense that they'll try to publicy "support" the military when they want to seem just patriotic enough to garner votes. Nevertheless, democrats maintain a staunch disdain for servicemen because they will always be a strong source of Republican support.

    By Anonymous Victoria, at 8:50 PM  

  • Thanks for the compliment Victoria. I remember you scratching the surface of this topic last night, but I now I see the entirety of the subject. It makes too much sense to ignore.

    By Blogger Daniel Rigby, at 9:04 PM  

  • Hi Dan:
    Like Victoria, I think your site rocks. Thanks for mentioning mine. Keep up the great work.

    Mike at Mike's Eyes

    By Blogger Mike N, at 10:50 AM  

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