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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Simple Arguments

-Upon reading through Anton Thorn's website again, I stumbled across a webpage labeled "How to debate a Christian". As for having a simple debate with someone on the subject, I like it.
Ironically enough, not only is the Bible the #1 tool that you can use to contradict Christian, but it seems that reading the Bible is a great conversion tool. Many are the testimonies of ex-preachers and fervent believers who converted after deciding to read it from front to cover. Encouraging the believer to read his Bible thouroughly might just help him !

You will almost invariably get the following rebuttal when you quote Bible verses :

You're taking it out of context !

Short answer : So do you.

Long answer :
Now, what makes you say that ? The verse in itself is quite explicit. Prove that I am out of context, or you have no reason to complain whatsoever.[Source:]

-As you can tell it doesn't go in as much depth as Anton Thorn or Dawson Bethrick would. I still think it's worth posting.


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