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Saturday, September 30, 2006

ID...Idiot Disorder?

-Last Friday, USF had a debate on Intelligent Design Vs. Evolution. The advocates that opposed evolution and embraced ID are quoted to be "..skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the origination and complexity of life, and we therefore dissent from Darwinian macroevolution as a viable theory." I had no idea that God flipping on a light switch counted as viable and that a theory - based upon thousands of facts - isn't. Be sure to remember the entire concept of God is so ridicuous and inane, that one must have faith, not reason, to "understand" it; which makes it all but viable.

-Im not the only one on campus who's thinking this through; Henry Mushinsky, the Professor of Evolutionary Biology at USF said that: "Evolution is not a belief. It is based on thousands and thousands of facts, (Intelligent Design) is bull. It is one more insult to people who study and think about evolution. It's just another way of packaging someone's religion for people who don't understand how scientists use theories."


-James Garey, an associate professor of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, said that: "I know the group (the PSSI). They are thinly disguised creationists. One of the members took a figure from one of my articles - without permission - published it, and said it refuted evolution, which it did not."

-Garey continues to say that:

"The conferences are set up. They will have moles planted in the crowd to ask certain questions. They are good debaters. The problem is that it is simply not a science, so there is no real debate. It is pointless to argue with them."

-I'd agree.

-This is kind of an old Cox and Forkum cartoon, but it's relevance has not diminished:


-Nope, not Gandalf. I decided to take a break from addressing all the problems the world has to offer, and post something that hopefully everyone can enjoy. Being a music lover my entire life and initially being a music major in college, I have great appreciation for music whenever I hear it; as long as it's music and not noise. So I thought I'd share Jordan Rudess, a pianist/keyboardist who's now a part of the band "Dream Theater". Jordan went to the Juilliard School of Music since the age of nine for classical piano training and even though he chose another avenue to music, the classics have obviously never left him. Enjoy.

-You shouldn't have to be able to play piano to appreciate that.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


-After giving up hope of ever finding anything relating to objectivism on youtube, my prayers (not literally) have finally been answered thanks to Gus and the Penn State Objectivist Club.

-Listen and watch:

-At the end of the video, pay close attention to what the left-wing ding-bat says at the end; tell me that liberals aren't self-defeating!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


-No I'm not talking about Emeril Lagasse. I'm talking about the "Coalition to defend affirmative action, integration, & immigrant rights and fight for equality by any means necessary." This message sounds identical to the wishful goal of the USSR.

-"...and fight for equality by any means necessary." Sounds like Che Guevara isn't dead after all. Damn it.

Blind Faith Leads To Unreasonable Idiots

-The pope recently made very controversial, yet truthful statements about islam, saying that the teachings of "prophet" muhammad are "evil and inhuman" and that it is under muhammad's "...command to spread by the sword the faith." Both of these statements are completely reasonable considering how muslims act and portray themselves every time something happens to the koran or how a silly cartoon pokes fun at islam.

-It would seem that Benedict XVI was on a roll, until this: "I would like today to stress my total and profound respect for all Muslims." His attempt to appease this radical group of muslims encourages their behavior and allows them to get away with being nothing more than a mob.

-People out there may think that every religion is different, or that they "all have their good points". They all have bad points, and in this case, specifically, it's the exact same one. The one thing that every religion has in common is that they are all based around the same principle; the principle is that religion is rooted in the rejection of logic and facts and stands for the encouragement of "blind faith". Religion is the acceptance of a system that has no need to validate it's claims and ethical code because its standard of good is "other-worldly"; the only thing* that a religious person ultimately answers to is their higher power. These messengers of faith can range from an obese, pot-bellied man from Nepal to a maniacal terrorist. Religion preaches (in the case of islam, it forces) people to act with certain edict, providing no logical reason; its only justification for the edict and the force used is the koran, bible, or for that matter any other religious text. The koran promotes misled guidance and the blind endorsement of faith, A.K.A. unreason. Religion enables man to not use his rational mind; it provides him with a crutch - such as excuses like: "Things happen for a reason", etc. - to use rather than to face the sometimes harsh alternatives. Anyone with a rational mind cannot logically accept something "just because"; i.e. providing no reason. This is the same reason that people do not believe in unicorns, leprechauns, dwarves, the boogeyman, etc. Just because you cannot prove something doesn't exist does not, in turn, validate its existence. Ask your local padre or minister if he believes in Santa Claus; you may be startled by his answer!

-From what I have seen lately, people are growing more tolerant of this religion of "peace".

-From all of this "tolerance" you can already tell that the history books will not be kind.

*The word "thing" is too precise to describe something that has no identity. You cannot see, hear, smell, touch or taste something that you can't see, hear, smell, touch or taste. At this point, I'm willing to hold a competition for anyone to show me what God either looks, smells, tastes, sounds or feels like. The prize for the winner is 10000000000000000000000 dollars American.