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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Cost of Silence

Here's some proof that our legal system needs reform. How one attempts to pay this man back the 26 years of wrongful imprisonment - that could have been easily avoided during this case's inception - I'll never know.

Time is an extremely valuable resource; it's scarce, non-retrievable, and in some instances (i.e. Mr. Alton Logan's case), very costly. I find this ironic because for the first time in about four years I watched the movie Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, which is a comedy based around their wrongful imprisonment throughout most of 20th century.

I love Eddie Murphy.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Observation 2

From time to time I've heard of people talk of how technology makes people lazy. This is blantatly false. Technology doesn't force/make people do anything.

Technology simply allows individuals to do the same amount, if not better, work in less time. Time is scarce; there are only so many hours in a day. Advancements in technology allow individuals to complete a task in an hour, where it used to take them three. How those individuals choose to allocate the rest of their time, in this case the remaining two hours, is up to the individual. They may choose utilize their extra time more productively or they may choose to do nothing; how they wish to be productive or not is their decision. In fact, technological advancements are one of the limited ways to expand the Production Possiblities Curve in Macroeconomics. With an expansion in the PPC, more work has the ability to be accomplished, pointing to technology actually promoting more work, not inducing laziness and non-productive behavior.

Technology acts as a catalyst for more productive efforts to become accomplished. It makes goods and services better, faster, and more reliable, period.