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Friday, November 03, 2006

Sifting Around The Web 2

-It appears that Wesley Snipes is following the same actions as Richard Hatch. I'm glad someone is.


-I'm very glad that the USF Objectivist Club holds those dinner meetings every once a while; it's good for me to play catch up because I cannot make the weekly meetings.


-I'm glad to see that Mike's Eyes has added me to his links. On the same note, his latest post caught my eye. Get it? I know, I know...I should definately quit college and become a comedian.


-Via LFG, I have learned of a very wholesome response to John Kerry's recent "botched joke". Having joined the Army out of highschool I can - with absolute truthfulness - say that there are very intelligent people within the military and I would go on to recommend that career path with in it to anyone. The only time I will not support our troops is if they try to make my guns away through martial law. Other than that I will be supporting them fully and you can put your bottom dollar on it.


-Over at NoodleFood Diana Hsieh has posted an op-ed by Lin Zinser on minimum wage laws. Needless to say it is very good. (The original publication can be found here.)


-Moonbattery always seems to pull through:

-Richard Reid: "I'll take a piña colada; oh, and infidel, don't forget to hold the rum, if you don't it's your head. Thanks." If you look closely on their uniforms it says "Club Gitmo". How suiting.


-I've read through Peter Schwartz's "Libertarianism: The Perversion Of Liberty" before but I never gave it a well deserved read through. I finally got my paws on a copy and I'm very impressed with the case he is making. There have been attempts to refute is position, but Schwartz obviously prevails. When people try to prove Peter Schwartz wrong using David Kelley as a reference point for anything regarding objectivism, you know something has to be a miss..


-I noticed that on D'Anconia Online Felipe Sediles has a new post labeled "Domestic Security Secures our Demise". My favorite part:

"In order to end the threat of future attacks and to delimit the life and scope of new police-state powers, we must therefore demand a war declaration, not further open-ended law-enforcement measures. Rather than worrying about how and when we place individual terrorists on trial, Congress must place regimes who support terrorists "on trial," declare them to be enemies of the United States, and demand their unconditional surrender as the objective of war. At this point the proceedings would be a mere formality: we are already in a de facto state of war with multiple regimes, so Congress has the duty to make it a speedy trial."

-There it is, plain and simple.

-Through EGO, I was made aware of this video:

-My favorite statement by the reporter is: "The evangelicals are denying scientific evidence just to support Bronze Age myths."

-The pastor, Ted Haggard, goes on in the video to say that:
"You do understand that this issue right here of intellectual arrogance is the reason why people like you have a difficult problem with people of faith."

-The real reason has nothing to do with arrogance. The real reason has everything to do with people denying truth, logic and reason and then substituting those essential concepts - that every human must live by - with faith and other irrational beliefs. Anton Thorn and Dawson Bethrick would both have a field day if they were in the shoes of University of Oxford professor Richard Dawkins. Which reminds me that he had a new book come out a week or too ago. I plan on buying it in the near future.

-Ted Haggard: "Get off of my land immediately." Who's acting arrogant now?

-BB&T is such an amazing company. Inside the bank they have pictures of building blocks with the words "reason", "logic", "individualism", etc. all over their walls. Originally wanted to get my student loan(s) through them, but unfortunately they are not involved with those kinds of programs anymore. Either way, their stock just rose considerably in my book. I learned, through Randex, that BB&T "...made a $1 million gift to the Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro." That's not even the best part.

"The gift will go to establishing the BB&T Program in Capitalism, Markets and Morality. The program will offer undergraduate and graduate students from disciplines across UNCG the opportunity to examine the ethical and philosophical basis for free-market economies.

The university is also creating the BB&T Distinguished Lecture Series in Capitalism, which will focus on ethical and core values in business. The BB&T Ayn Rand Reading Room will be established in the Jackson Library and will include Rand's fiction and nonfiction and works by other authors who support economic freedom." [source:]

-It's about time something is done to promote objective morality and capitalism on campuses across the United States. That reading room sounds awesome. BB&T is the shit.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Three Cheers For Richard Hatch

No, I am not praising him because he won the first season of Survivor, but because he refused to pay the taxes on his winnings of $1,010,000. Good for him.
"On January 19, 2005, the United States Attorney's Office in Providence, Rhode Island, reported that Hatch had failed to report the $1,010,000 he had received from the Survivor show on his Federal income tax returns (the additional $10,000 was paid for his appearance on the final episode). Hatch also allegedly failed to report approximately $321,000 he received that year for appearances on radio station WQSX-FM in Boston. Prosecutors stated Hatch would be charged with filing a false tax return. An agreement was arranged whereby Hatch was offered a lenient sentence in exchange for a guilty plea. Hatch withdrew from the arrangement. He subsequently said he was basing his defense on his belief (which he now acknowledges was not correct) that CBS had arranged to pay the taxes before awarding him the money." [source:]

-Richard Hatch took a very necessary step that many other Americans - including myself - would be afraid to do. He stood up to the government. He was imprisoned because he knew that Uncle Sam has no business with the money he won. Isn't the government making enough money through other ridiculous, frivolous taxes? Oh but they are:

"Back in 1898, Congress passed a levy of one cent per telephone call to help raise money to fund the Spanish-American War. The tax, while temporary, has been on-again, off-again throughout the years, and was reinstated in 1990. Now it is three percent (3%) of your overall telephone bill." [source:]

-Milton Friedman once said "Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program." Think about it.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

R.I.P. Jimmy Shelton

-On December 3rd of last year a good friend of mine was lost in Iraq; Jimmy Shelton. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, but I did however, find this:

-Even though I plan to eventually go to Arlington to see Jimmy's grave, finding this photo will hold me over until that day comes. As morbid as the website where I found this photo may seem, I can't help to wonder how many people, like me, it actually helps.

-Jimmy Shelton was a hero, but more importantly, he was my friend. He is lost and will never be forgotten.

-The relentless pursuit and complete eraditcation of America's enemies - without apology - is the only suitable way to honor America's fallen heroes. I will never be at peace with these barbarians or with the people who keep allowing them to exist.

R.I.P. Jimmy, we love you.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sifting Around The Web

Yes, I've decided as well to do the little mini-summaries on my blog. I'll be honest; I'm kind of enjoying this more than I expected.


-Over at Gus Van Horn I find myself agreeing with him yet again on how the left cannot win this election. It seems like there is currently a very serious dichotomy between objectivists concerning who to vote for. Diana Hsieh says in her arcticle that:

"Nonetheless, I will vote for Democrats as long as necessary, even for Hillary Clinton in 2008."

-The death tax scare of 2004 should have been enough of an indicator on how the Democrats need to be weakened if not fully eradicated. If I can recall correctly, Rudolph Giuliani is a Republican, but for abortion; he sure sounds like a winner to me. It's going to take a lot more than a decree from the great Leonard Peikoff to make me vote the way he wants me to. As much as I respect his opinions and his ideas, I completely disagree with him on this issue. I hope that Mrs. Hsieh and Mr. Peikoff realize that I'm sticking with Republicans for more reasons than one.


-Isaac Schrödinger has some fresh, new material over at his blog. One post of his that particularly caught my eye was this one.


-Congratulations to Victoria on her recently published article on Capitalism Magazine; if I remember correctly, the other night at dinner she said something about wanting to be a journalist(?). Unfortunately, I'm still trying to works the kinks out of mine; it will get there one day though!


-I ran across the Moonbattery blog yesterday, and I found it very entertaining; I love how they use photoshop:

-Don't you love it?

-Cox and Forkum have a new book available for purchase. Buy it before November 6th and get an autographed copy. I know I am!


-Dawson Bethrick is so devastating.


-My good friend David at When Facing Darkness I Made Fire also makes some very valid points about Peikoff's latest command of objectivists.
"Objectivism and reason demand that you come to me as a trader and an equal with convincing arguments, not as some kind of dictator saying that anyone who doesn't follow your directive isn't an objectivist."

-It's getting hot in here! David also pointed out a fact about my previous post on black supremacists: is it a coincidence that they were all relgious? More so, was it a coincidence that the most violent and agressive activist - Khalid Muhammad - was islamic? We think not. I can say that I am somewhat relieved knowing that Khalid Muhammad doesn't exist anymore; hopefully his influence will be forgotten faster than he was.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Oops You're A Racist

-I found this video here. Its around 48 minutes long and about half way through the audio and video get a bit mismatched, but if you're willing to muscle it out it's worth the time to watch the entire thing. On a side note, I learned something new today! I had no idea that Beethoven and Mozart were black! :)

...I guess caucasians everywhere should apologize for something they had no hand in.

(1)Found a typo; who would have known "Oops" was spelled "Opps"?!