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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Oh, Baby, Baby, It's a Wild World"; I Guess So!

I must say that I used to be a fan of Cat Stevens; the word "used" was purposely placed in past tense. Cat Stevens is better known today as Yusuf Islam. Yusuf refused to speak to a female guide on March 25th, 2007 when he "received a special prize at the Echo Awards last night in Berlin for his musical, social and political work and was praised as a bridge-builder between the West and the Islamic world."
"However, when the Father and Son singer, 58, rehearsed his appearance the day before the prize giving, he acted rather narrow minded, according to German publication B.Z. When the hostesses approached Islam, who arrived with his management and his veiled wife Faezia, telling him that they were his guides, he simply ignored them and didn't even take a look at the women. Islam's manager explains, "Mr Islam doesn't speak with women except his wife. Least of all if they don't wear a headscarf. Things like that only happen via an intermediary."[Source:]

So let's get this straight; Cat Stevens was in Berlin for his bridge-building skills of the West and the Islamic world, but still exerted his Muslim ideals on a German woman?

Wow, I'm totally shocked; that sounds like something a Muslim would never do.

HT: (The Religion Of Peace)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Human Rights Nightmare

Here's a video that every rational individual needs to see:

Luis Alfonso De Alba is a worthless P.O.S. for even considering censoring the very justified Hillel Neuer.