University Suckers

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Observation 1

I’m going to begin documenting small observations I come across, and inform the rest of the world with them. Here’s the first:

Austrian Economists, Libertarians and the like are more proficient at pointing out the economic shortcomings of socialism and other statist systems than acting as guardians of capitalism. There is a difference; arguing on principle is far superior to just pointing out the incompetence of the opposing viewpoint. These alleged champions of “free choice” neglect to freely choose, time after time, the only superior argument for capitalism; morality. Instead, the buzz-words “utility” and “social welfare” get thrown out into the mix while lacking any real philosophical substance.

It is true that the public does prosper more so under a free-trading society, but this is of secondary importance to capitalism being the only moral social system. Any other defense of capitalism is simply inadequate.