University Suckers

Friday, October 06, 2006

I Found A Funny!

-I came across this parody of Martha & The Vandellas motown song called "Dancing In The Street". From a musical standpoint this version obviously isn't top notch, even so, it's still very appropriate.

-Pay close attention to the open display of the signs, namely these ones: "Behead those who insult Islam" (0:07 min.), "Be prepared for the real holocaust" (0:13 min.), "Europe take some lessons from 9/11" (0:21 min.), "Freedom go to hell" (0:31 min.), "Islam will dominate" (1:33 min.) and finally "Our religion does not allow unconditional freedom of speech" (1:36 min.). After all of these examples people still do not think islam is evil. Islamists want to destroy, very openly I may add, the West and all of its people. Liberals still want to try to undermine our safety and security by preaching the word "tolerance" and talking of its positive qualities. I wonder how many good things could have came out of Hitler and his movement if the world remained tolerant of hios actions. So hey you Janeane Garofalo wannabe, save the "One human family" bit for people who are not concerned for their own freedom.

-Of those pictures within the slideshow, I thought the most ridiculous, contradictory image was the one found at minute 2:17 with those five assholes holding up peace signs while at the same time having explosives strapped to themselves for the usage against innocent people. Unbelievable. Yet for some reason, when I think of past actions from muslims, it suddenly becomes completely plausible.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

100% Pure, Uncut, Ridiculousness

-Why aren't drugs legal? I do not do them myself, nor do I endorse their usage among the ones I care for, but I still want to know this: Why are drugs illegal? American politicians should have learned their lesson during prohibition; as Thomas Fuller said in Gnomologia; "The more laws the more offenders." This is the land of the free, right? The government has no business sticking its nose into what Americans do in their personal time within the safety of their own homes.

-I'm going to step out on a limb and say that alcohol affects basic and advanced motor skills more so than marijuana, or for that matter, any other narcotic. Yet alcohol is still legal and marijuana is not. After all this talk of Uncle Sam peeking into our windows on a daily basis, the actual numbers concerning this fiasco aren't so pretty either. The government's only job is to protect its people; it's not here to make more enemies of the state through absurd legislative rulings that are outside of its purpose.